Rogue River Raft Down the South Fork with Orange Torpedo Trips

Look forward to the great camaraderie and a fantastic time on the river when you hear the scouts or river guides exclaim- “Two forward” so the rest of the group will initiate the paddling maneuver while engaging in Rogue River rafting. Look here for Oregon Family River Rafting.

Taking a trip down the majestic river is no small feat. What makes it easier is the guidance you get from Orange Torpedo Trips who possess excellent experience in rafting ventures under various conditions and different rapid levels. The river guides are personable and know how to make the most out of any trip. You will be glad you opted for rafting trips either on board a raft or bigger boat.

Experience the Perfect Corporate Adventure on the Payette River

Various packages are made available of which the corporate retreats serve to be the perfect way to bond with your work colleagues. What better way to experience a 4-hour escape away from the office while learning to make the most of your time together as a team.

It does not stop here; your CEO may want to book either a one day or a multi-day whitewater  trip as a way to encourage cooperation among team members. Best of all, the trip can be customized to suit your particular needs. Do not worry overly much about the skill levels needed for Payette rafting.

With Orange Torpedo Trips, your team’s adventure, and fun and excitement is their number one priority.

Come and Live the Dream of White Water River Rafting Along with Skilled Outfitters

Come and join in the fun of whitewater along with Orange Torpedo guides. Get to enjoy outrageous adventures where you will also experience the safest and most adrenaline rushing kayak trip of all time.

Where else will you feel the tranquility of nature and thrills of whitewater rapids either on big 6 to 8-man rafts or smaller inflatable rafts? Roughing it on the river is what it’s all about. Outfitters over here will cater for every taste and pocket. Whether it is your mission to opt for a 4-hour kayak trip for team building purposes or a corporate getaway that involves a multi-day trip and overnight stay on the banks of the Payette River, you name it. Orange Torpedo Trips got it!

Experiencing the mighty Payette River is nothing short of exciting. The scenery is stunning over here. While the river is still mild and comfortable, workmates make the most of the opportunity by jumping into the river to enjoy a relaxing swim while chatting about stuff that matters.

Very soon you will realize that rafting this part of the river is not just significant for team building, but also ideal for families with kids.

As serious as the river guides can be about spelling out the rules of the river, they are just as passionate about adventure and having fun along with fellow rafters. More importantly, they are all for the safety of the team which accompanies them.

Most of the participants find it super exciting to rub shoulders with the person they booked their trip with as more often than not you’ll see the same individual going on the river with the rest of the group. Now that is what we call a nice personal touch. You are not just a number, but a friend who will soon learn to love the river the same way Orange Torpedo outfitters do.

Yes, we all love the rivers and paddling them. These guys are after all fondly referred to a hardcore river rats. If you want to experience the best corporate team building adventure on the Payette River, you go nowhere else but Orange Torpedo Trips.

It is as simple as that. These individuals specialize in whitewater rafting and kayaking. They do their best to ensure your river kayak trip is safe and an experience that you will never forget as long as you live.

Whether your team consists of 6 or 25 people, you sure must make the Payette River your next stop and enjoy a 3 to 4-day raft trip where you can stay over at some lodges and also enjoy a hot shower and warm bed every night. You can host meetings and organize presentations too.